We can’t believe it’s already January. We’ve been saying this each week, increasingly baffled. Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving? How did we get here?

            Despite our disbelief, the Corsi team is happy to be in 2020. We have a lot to look forward to in 2020: new staff, a new location, new projects, and some of the other goodies from the holidays (like those boxes of chocolates—thank you, by the way!).

            This year, we have big plans for Corsi’s continued growth. We’re searching for a new location for our headquarters, planning innovative lunch and learns, assessing new ways to use AR/VR for our clients, and learning as much as we can. We’ll keep track of trends within the industry and report back on our thoughts (ex: what’s the deal with oat milk?).

            But for now, we wanted to say hello, and introduce ourselves. We are Corsi Associates, a foodservice design and consulting firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. We have an excellent team with a wide variety of experiences, skills, and talents. We can’t wait to tackle 2020’s projects head-on, and to take you along the way with us.

            We will see you soon with more content!