Corsi Associates Appoints New Senior Project Manager

Growing and Re-Aligning Administration

& Drafting Staff for Additional Support.

Strengthening Our Commitment to Every Customer.

We are pleased to announce that Matt Corsi has joined the team to further develop our growing portfolio of regional, national and international foodservice design projects. Matt comes with a wealth of experience within the Foodservice Design and Consulting field, both having been raised in one of the top Foodservice Design families and having spent the last 10 years expanding his knowledge base and skill set in dealing with a variety of industry foodservice applications.

Matt joins Corsi Associates as a Senior Project Manager, and will support Corsi’s continued growth. As Corsi’s active projects and dollars specified continue to grow, Matt’s equipment knowledge, design skills and QA/QC practices will be an integral part of ensuring Corsi’s culture of Customer Service and Attention to Detail remain key indicators of our success.

I feel like I am coming home. I spent the past ten years travelling the world of foodservice design, and now have the opportunity to put that experience and knowledge to work. I am looking forward to meshing my strengths with those already evidenced by this team. I feel my skill set and experience brings an additional level of professional knowledge and understanding and look forward to the future. Matt Corsi

Senior Project Manager

In another strong move, Elaine Basgil and Theresa Razonski have joined the team as Office Administrator and Administrative Assistant, respectively. Elaine has a strong background in executive support and financial management, and brings those skills to help expand the groundwork and business standards as Corsi continues to grow. Theresa brings her organization skills to run the office on a day to day basis and support all the facets of the design process.
Elaine Basgil

Office Administrator

Theresa Razonski

Administrative Assistant

With the addition of Elaine and Theresa, Brooke Smith has been promoted and moves in to the role of Project Agent. Having been with the firm for five years and playing a key role in the initial growth, Brooke will continue to use her understanding of the Corsi standards for design and background in construction project planning, implementation and budgeting to this new role. She will work specifically on developing budgets, equipment specifications and bid packages for Corsi projects, as well as continuing to support the rest of the team.

To round out the drafting and design staff, Corsi has added Daniel Salvatore to the team. “Sal” has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and extensive knowledge in building systems. With a keen interest in Virtual Realty technologies and using them to better explore the reality of the design prior to construction, Sal is quickly becoming an invaluable member of the team.

Brooke Smith

Project Agent

Daniel Salvatore


We are excited to have Matt, Sal, Elaine and Theresa join the team, and for Brooke to continue to expand her role. We are continuing to build the Corsi brand and these moves will continue to improve both our quality and our standards of work. Our goal is to provide the best designs with excellent project management so our clients are satisfied from start to finish. These changes give us the experience and detail-oriented outlook to make Corsi that much better. Adam Corsi


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